N1C Lithium-Ion UPS ensures that educators, students, and staff always have access to the critical resources they need. No matter what.

Child does homework with a woman on tablet propped up behind book

Reason 1

Powering “lightbulb” moments.

Learning never stops. But good luck running a classroom while the internet’s out. At N1C, we design solutions that ensure your school’s critical systems remain on. And on.

Teacher gives lesson in front of smart whiteboard

Reason 2

Intelligent UPS for today’s smart classroom.

Whether lecturing in front of a smartboard or assembling students remotely, educators need their technology to work reliably and without interruption. Plan lessons with the confidence that an outage won’t disrupt your connected classroom.

Technologically advanced lecture hall with screens built into seats

Reason 3

Get more from your E-Rate dollars.

Your budget should be spent on classrooms and students, not on lead battery replacements. N1C products protect critical telecommunications infrastructure and are E-Rate eligible. That funding goes further with UPS battery backups that last longer and have lower cost-per-minute runtime than any competitor.