UPS is All Grown Up. Introducing 3‑Phase Li‑Ion.

Designed to power your organization. And to grow with it. 3PL provides safe, reliable performance on even the most complex grids.

No One Compares to N1C.

Longer lifespan. Higher capacity. The industry’s leading warranty. N1C stacks up to any competition.

Name a Power Problem. We Have a Solution.

Design. Build. Install. If it helps keep your critical infrastructure powered, N1C can make it happen.

N1C L-Series and LR-Series UPS

Power and Service Without Parallel.

The first to master the use of Lithium-Ion in the UPS space, N1C is here to lead your organization into the future of uninterruptible power. Our systems provide five times the energy than lead-acid in one-third the space. That’s more power where you need it and longer backup times for your critical loads.​

Our Promise

Get Familiar With a Warranty You'll Never Need.

We stand alone in the UPS industry as the sole providers of quality products with a 10-year replacement warranty on our batteries and all electronics.

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Up to 10 Year Full Warranty, Plus 15 Year Design Life

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Years in Field Installation Experience

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Blog Post

The Undeniable Need for Power Protection: UPS Systems vs. Battery Backups

In today's technology-driven world, power outages and fluctuations can cause significant disruptions to our daily lives and businesses. The reliance on electronic devices and the increasing demand for uninterrupted power supply have made power protection an undeniable necessity.

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