Data Security

N1C keeps the telecom industry connected with advanced Lithium-Ion power solutions that drive seamless connectivity, elevate network performance, and protect customer data.

Reason 1

Uninterrupted connectivity. Unwavering reliability.

N1C's high-capacity UPS systems, power distribution units, and backup power solutions deliver reliability to telecom networks and data centers. Focus on growing your organization, not dealing with disruption.

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Reason 2

Amplify network performance.

When your organization drops power, your customers drop calls. At N1C, we equip providers with efficient power solutions designed to optimize energy usage, reduce operational costs, and elevate network performance. Our intelligent UPS systems, energy management solutions, and remote monitoring capabilities enable proactive power management, resulting in enhanced network efficiency, reduced downtime, and increased cost savings.

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Reason 3

Scale up for what’s next.

The telecom industry is constantly evolving. N1C ensures you stay one step ahead. Our scalable power infrastructure solutions empower telecom operators to easily expand their infrastructure and embrace future growth. From adding new equipment to expanding coverage and upgrading network capacity, our solutions provide the flexibility and reliability required to meet the demands of tomorrow’s telecom landscape.