Imagining a World Without Downtime

At N1 Critical Technologies, we harness Lithium-Ion battery technology to design, build, install, and support customized battery backup solutions that ensure your critical infrastructure is never without power.

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Powering a Planet We Can’t Replace

N1C Lithium-Ion systems minimize their footprint, carbon emissions, and energy use due to their lighter weight, faster recharge rate, and higher temperature tolerance. They also function with a 15-year design life, eliminating the need to replace lead-acid batteries every few years, reducing the amount of toxic materials sent to landfills.

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Your Team in Uninterruptible Power

Based in Janesville, Wisconsin, N1C has experts in electronics ready to help you design your UPS needs wherever you are. Specializing in Lithium-Ion systems, the company is both a manufacturer and reseller of UPS equipment and can create battery backup solutions to fit any requirements and any size.


We power solutions for businesses that earn recognition from our peers.

All N1C Products Are Ready For Action.


N1C products comply with the Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories' (NRTL) essential safety requirements. They never rupture, leak, disassemble, or catch fire.


Safe power source transport by UN38.3 (a United Nations standard) and laboratories such as CNAS.


Fully authorized reseller of several national brands of uninterruptible power systems, backup power systems, and power management systems.

N1C LR-Series UPS

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