Power Protection Made Simple with N1C

We know uninterrupted power supply inside and out. This page is your source for essential information on UPS batteries and how they protect your critical equipment from power-related issues.

There Are 9 Power Problems. With N1C, You Don’t Have One.

Power Failure

Power source completely stops providing electrical current. Critical equipment shuts down, resulting in data loss or system damage.

Power Sag

Voltage drops below recommended level for a short period of time. Devices may malfunction or shut down.

Power Surge

Voltage spikes beyond normal levels for a short period of time. Critical infrastructure can shut down from damage, and data loss may occur.


Voltage drops below recommended level for an extended period. In summertime, it might be because of the air conditioning.


Voltage level rises above recommended level for an extended period. Equipment malfunctions, overheats, and may even ignite.

Line Noise

Unwanted electrical signals or interference in a system. Disrupts and may damage electronic devices.

Frequency Variation

Power source too frequently or too wildly fluctuates. Can damage equipment and cause device failure.

Switching Transient

Instantaneous undervoltage. Often caused by a switch or other equipment failure.

Harmonic Distortion

Unequal power loads lead to distorted waveforms. Can damage equipment or cause malfunction.

Know Your UPS Types


AKA “offline.” Provides surge protection and battery backup in case of a power outage. However, it requires a switch-over time to transfer power from utility to battery, resulting in a brief interruption of power to the connected devices.

Line Interactive

Adds a voltage regulator to the standby design, allowing it to correct low- or high-voltage conditions without switching to battery power. This results in a smoother transition and improved efficiency.


The most advanced and reliable UPS topology. Connected devices are always powered by the inverter, which is continuously fed by the battery and the utility power. No interruption. No transfer time. Always the highest level of protection against all power problems.

We use only the safest, most reliable Lithium-ion UPS battery chemistry.

Small Footprint

Heat Tolerant

Eliminate Replacements

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

N1C L-series UPS

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