Replace Your UPS Provider and
Never Replace a Battery Again.

Discover the difference of N1C uninterruptible power solutions. Nobody offers a longer battery runtime, better cost-per-minute of battery runtime, or a better warranty than N1C. That means less troubleshooting as well as fewer battery replacements and middle-of-the-night calls.

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Secure Safe Power and Peace of Mind.

Lithium-Ion is the best of the UPS world, and N1C is the best of Lithium-Ion. N1C's ground-breaking Lithium-Ion UPS systems set a higher bar than lead-acid batteries could ever reach. Powering five times more energy within only one-third of the traditional space, our systems deliver high-capacity power solutions tailored for your critical needs. With N1C, navigate any power disruptions comfortably and ensure extended backup times for the heart of your operations.

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With Nothing But the Best Topology, There's Not One Concern.

To ensure the most reliable power possible, N1C UPSs all harness online double-conversion UPS topology—the most advanced in the industry. Devices are seamlessly energized by the inverter, providing uninterrupted power without transfer delays. Our commitment to the highest-quality UPS system offers superior protection against power issues, keeping businesses powered around the clock.

Disrupting the Uninterrupted Power Industry.

We Are...


N1C was the first to bring to market a new combination that disrupted the uninterrupted power supply industry: Lithium-Ion Batteries and Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems.


N1C’s Lithium Iron Phosphate formula is the safest and most stable. It's also the most efficient formula in uninterruptible power. No one makes a better battery backup.


We know that one size doesn't fit all when it comes to critical power solutions. We can design, build, and install any custom solution that addresses your specific power needs.


We don’t just build a modular UPS and then disappear. With N1C, you have over a decade of UPS system installation and maintenance expertise at your fingertips.

Our Promise

Get Familiar With a Warranty You'll Never Need.

We stand alone in the UPS industry as the sole providers of quality products with a 10-year replacement warranty on our batteries and all electronics.

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The Praise from our Partners Goes On. And On.

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