From emergency responses to everyday operations, N1C provides dependable power solutions for all levels of government.

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Reason 1

Public infrastructure keeps our nation on. And on.

Governments rely on consistent power to keep essential services operational, from hospitals to data centers. With N1C, you can rest easy knowing that your critical systems will remain online during power outages or disruptions.

Woman in headset operating computer at high-tech facility

Reason 2

Always on. Always prepared for the unexpected.

Our advanced Lithium-Ion battery technology ensures that emergency response operations have the backup power they need to keep vital systems online, even when the power grid goes down. Because the last thing you need in an emergency is an outage.

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Reason 3

Power solutions that government facilities can depend on.

Government facilities require reliable and efficient power to run their day-to-day operations. With our intelligent UPS systems, you can minimize downtime, reduce energy costs, and ensure that your critical systems are always up and running.