Supercharging City Sewage

Waste/Water Services of the San Bruno, Daly City, Bay Area

The Challenges

The waste and water industries constantly face the critical challenge of maintaining a continuous and reliable power supply throughout their operations. In the case of Nicolas Talbot, Assistant Plant Supervisor at San Bruno Waste and Water, any power disruptions or failures would have severe consequences, compromising the treatment process, jeopardizing public health, and harming the delicate ecosystems of the San Francisco Bay.

We've always had a UPS is at our plants on the problem that we ran into was just there, their life, you know, their most of them are led bit batteries and they they're only good maybe up to three years max.

Recognizing the gravity of the situation, Talbot and his team turned to N1C for an exceptional solution. By providing them options in our top-of-the-line UPS systems, the team would now gain access to uninterrupted power for long-term cost efficiency while prioritizing environmental sustainability.

The Solutions

N1C's UPS systems acted as an impenetrable shield against power outages, ensuring that the entire waste processing plant and city infrastructure remained powered even during the most challenging circumstances.

By seamlessly absorbing any power irregularities or fluctuations, the newly installed UPS systems protected critical equipment, such as pumps and filtration systems, from damage and maintained the flow of wastewater treatment. Additionally, the eco-conscious design of N1C’s UPS systems contributed to a greener tomorrow, minimizing environmental impact and aligning with the company's commitment to sustainability.

The Outcome

Through the combined power of our eco-conscious UPS systems L N1C.1000 and exceptional customer service, N1C has enabled Talbot’s team and processes to thrive in their mission of processing waste water and sewer for multiple cities. With our relentless dedication to reliability, efficiency, and environmental sustainability, we continue to revolutionize the industry and drive positive change towards a greener future.

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