Rolling the Dice on an Efficient Power Solution

Oxford Casino

The Challenges

In the casino business, handling millions upon millions of dollars requires a power system that is undeniably secure and unwavering. Oxford Casino's Senior Director of Operations leads the charge in this department and claims that in the past Oxford Casino had never used a single solution to their power needs, but rather 1,000 small light duty UPS slots.

Though lighter and perhaps more modular, this army of systems had a 3-year warranty and, therefore, required frequent replacement. This meant more interrupted time, more manpower used, more money spent, and very little efficiency across the board.

The Solutions

No doubt, systematic changes needed to be made to keep Oxford Casino’s workflow seamless for the 21st century. Shortly after recognizing the need for a more power efficient UPS, the Oxford team elected to purchase a single N1C unit to test the capacity limits.

The Result: 9 machines at Oxford Casino can run on 1 N1C UPS.

The Outcome

After observing the power of this new system, the Operations team opted to purchase 100 rack mounts of 1500 VA that year. As of September 2023, Oxford Casino has opted for a custom solution, added 40 additional units, and plans to have 98% of their primary casino floor be run on N1C power solutions—now more efficient than ever.

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