Keeping Class in Session

Oshkosh School

The Challenges

With hundreds of educators and thousands of students depending on steady, uninterrupted power, K-12 education requires a system that never sleeps. Oshkosh School's Network Manager, Jeffery Herzig, and his team are responsible for keeping class in session for 19 total school districts. Truly, the challenges here are potentially endless—wired and wireless connections, troubleshooting classroom and admin IT tickets, tracking each issue, etc.

Having experience in other districts, they were aware of the magnitude of power efficiency needed to keep the lights on, have backup in case of emergencies, and the ability to seamlessly sync with each machine that needs to consistently run simultaneously. 10 years ago, he and his team heavily pushed to install a new, state-of-the-art UPS as the previous year’s systems were incredibly heavy, expensive, and relatively unreliable.

The Solutions

Solving the problems at hand, Oshkosh School sought assistance from N1C beginning with an initial consultation. Following the consultation, a checklist was created that detailed the scale of products needed to align with the devices currently being used. From there, a newly installed system was tested in one of the school’s buildings and proved to be successful.

The Outcome

Oshkosh School is now “future proofed” with N1C’s L2000, L3000, and L1000 products in place. Initially, Herzig and his team had trouble with the switch, losing connection in 2 devices. However, with the readily accessible help of the N1C team, new SMP cards were shipped and are now active. The Oshkosh School system is now able to effectively monitor equipment with less hassle and more streamlined processes.

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