An Education in Energy

Newport News School

The Challenges

From IT work orders and managing phone servers to replacing switches and handling voice over IP, Network Engineer, Jim Pike, and his team have a busy average workday. Not only are there endless demands for the job itself, but the industry in which they operate requires the use of uninterrupted power: K-12 education.

Pike’s team first installed a UPS in 2003. So, they were no strangers to what a power supply like this can handle. The primary challenge for this organization, however, was not that their current system was malfunctioning, but rather the server companies they used (Minuteman and APC) weren’t equipped to handle the future of education and its ever-evolving technological demands.

The Solutions

Upon recognizing the issues that would lie ahead, Pike’s team sought assistance from N1C, looking for an inline setup should their UPS fail. One worry they had was that N1C batteries do not shut off directly. However, despite that concern, N1C’s 10-year replacement warranty was a giant selling point.

After providing the N1C team with their criteria and requesting 2 levels of lightweight, lithium-ion batteries, they discovered that they were now able to not only have their requests granted, but also receive help in mounting their systems from N1C electricians.

The Outcome

Over time, the Newport News School installed N1C UPS systems little by little. Now running the L1000 and L2000 inside their labs, they are now fully powered and future-ready institutions.

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