Your switchgear does more than just switch

Your switchgear does more than just switch

The electrical distribution of power from your local utility to the individual pieces of equipment inside your datacenter, factory, or business is handled by your switchgear.

Your switchgear can be relatively simple, such as service-entrance circuit-breakers and GFCIs, but also might include highly sophisticated, digitally controlled switches that move the current demand from one source of power to another: most typically from the local utility to a UPS or to a generator depending on the circumstances.

Such automatic transfer switches (ATS) don’t just simply reroute current; they must do so while maintaining the sinusoidal purity of the AC input so that highly-sensitive IT components, precision manufacturing machinery, or mission-critical medical equipment do not experience voltage drop and thereby need rebooting, cease running, or put lives in danger.

As such, the design, build, and installation of your switchgear must be carefully considered, with due attention to flexibility and scalability for future growth.

We are vendor-neutral

N1 Critical Technologies is an authorized vendor for some of America’s foremost manufacturers of switchgear, and we have no vested interest in specifying one brand over another. We can and will recommend only the makes & models of switchgear equipment that will best meet your technical requirements.

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