Get the latest tech in N1C's Lithium-Ion backup power systems

N1 Critical Technologies is a making a huge difference in business operations through its state-of-the-art power backup solutions.

Located in Janesville, Wisconsin, the tech-savvy company has been able to come up with an impressive line of battery backup systems and has managed to work with a variety of clients from various industries, large and small.

Among the industries N1C sales engineers have served are financial institutions, hospitals, call centers, medical centers, universities, school systems, and telecom and datacenters, among others. The company is made up of an experienced team of technical advisors known for their expertise in designing UPS systems, whole-building UPS systems, UPS systems for server rooms, and commercial UPS systems.

Dedicated to ensuring clients get only the best, N1C’s sales engineers provide customized solutions to meet the specific needs of a particular business.

“When looking to get a UPS system for your facility, it’s vital that you take a ton of factors into consideration so you get a system that will serve all your power backup needs adequately,” said Jeff Hansing, Vice President of Sales. “Our sales engineers know what questions to ask so you get the right setup to best serve your needs and keep your costs low.”

As customers look for a proper UPS system, they should consider what devices will connect the UPS to and how much power each needs so the system can provide adequate backup in case of a power loss.

Sales engineers can also help clients determine adequate backup runtime and the type of UPS needed.

“At N1 Critical Technologies, we’ll work with you to ensure that you get the best system for your facility and you don’t have to worry about factoring all these elements, as we’ll help you throughout the process,” Hansing said.

N1 Critical Technologies has, over the years, been known to dominate the field of datacenter backup power supply using lithium-ion. It’s tough to beat the benefits lithium-ion UPS systems have to offer — smaller footprint, lifespan, charging and recharging efficiency, high power density, heat tolerance and being more environmentally friendly than the competition. The company’s UPS systems are recognized for their high-performance and users can always expect the best when they use them.

N1 Critical’s UPS solutions are developed with the latest technology in the market, ensuring clients get to experience high-performance with the piece-of-mind of having a 10-year battery warranty.

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